Quentin Tarantino photographed by Paul Massey, 1995

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"Nature of My Heart", hollow formed, sculpted, patina, polymer, acrylic, 2014

photo: Courtney Frisse bone a day inkhead

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DanRad on the set of Kill Your Darlings


this gives me life and inspires me to step up my lipstick game

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#i feel like tilda is everyone’s earth mother #someone approaches her and she’s all did you try that stress relieving oatmeal and eucalyptus body scrub i was talking about #you had to mix it in a clay pot remember #good that’s good i thought your aura seemed lighter #even people she doesn’t know she’s like i’m sensing unwellness what can i do tell me what i can do

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"foreign names are so complicated!!"
coming from people who have 50 ways to spell ashley

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M e r l i n c a s t f e s t: CM week
Day 2: Favourite Outfit


Afropunk 2014 @blackfashion itsaliencum

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